Our Approach

Capparelli, D’Angelo & Caputo, Abogados assists its clients with the highest standards on local or international issues related to Argentine Commercial Law, taking advantage of its expertise and background on such matters. Such goal imposes the obligation to bring a legal, useful and eminently practical advice, under the highest ethical and professional values.


Capparelli, D’Angelo & Caputo, Abogados specializes on areas on which its members have a solid reputation, such as: General Commercial Law and Contracts, Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law, Internet and Telecommunications (IT/C), Health and Medical Industry Law (Pharma), Energy Law, Retail Sales and Services, class actions, and different ways for Dispute Resolution (mediation, judiciary litigation, arbitration), with specific approach to complex litigation and both domestic and international arbitration, industrial construction contracts (EPCs), corporate disputes and acquisitions.

Regarding the above, the members of Capparelli, D’Angelo & Caputo, Abogadosspecialize on dispute resolution, either in the pre-litigation scenario of a very varied range of civil and commercial disputes (which sometimes permit to avoid litigation), and also in judiciary or arbitration proceedings (domestic or international), under the main rules of international arbitration centers.

To conclude, Capparelli, D’Angelo & Caputo, Abogados is proud to offer its clients experienced, personal, practical and highly qualified legal advice.

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